Sep 23, 2008

Pretty Girls

Here are two of Sara Madalin's friends, Skyler (left) and Rylee (right). They stop by to see Sara Madalin in my classroom on Sundays before she goes to the nursery and they go to their class. (Their little brothers, Charlie and Cash, are also the ones we joke about flirting with Sara Madalin in the nursery.) This picture was from this past Sunday. They both were wearing dresses that their Pop-Pop bought them on our mission trip to Guatemala this past April. I know just enough Spanish to bargain when we go to the market, so when Wayne found something that he wanted to buy, he'd call me over to help. He'd tell me what he was willing to pay and it was my job to talk them down to that price. Only problem is, I can walk away, and he couldn't. He'd end up paying more than he originally said on several things. We got a great deal on these dresses though. At least we thought so. I even bought a couple for Sara Madalin. She should be able to wear hers next Summer. 

Aren't these two girls just beautiful? They are just as sweet as they are pretty too.

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