Sep 13, 2008

She Loves Her Daddy

Tonight when Reagan got home I was getting ready for dinner and Sara Madalin was in her swing. She had been sitting there for about 20 minutes, so she had pretty much reached her limit and was getting restless and fussy. As soon as she saw Reagan, she grinned. He picked her up because I had asked him to change her diaper and clothes before we left for dinner. As you can see in the photos below, they had quite a conversation when he picked her up out of the swing. I know that she is in the stage where she's touching things and reaching out in exploration, but don't these photos look so sweet of her touching his face? It looks as if she is asking him all about his day and making sure he looks right at her while he talks to her. AS IF he would look anywhere else when she's in the room.  I know some of them look very similar, but it was such a sweet thing that I had to post them all.

Now, as far as her looking at me and touching my face, I guess I can continue to dream. She likes my attention when she wants to be picked up so she can look around. Or when she wants her diaper changed. Or if she wants a bottle. But she doesn't try so tenderly to get my attention. Instead of gently touching my face, she tries to see how loud she can scream and how red she can make her face. I guess she shows her love and affection for Daddy one way, and for Mommy another.

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