Sep 10, 2008


It's official. Sara Madalin is SPOILED ROTTEN. She has been fussy this week, both at Mrs. Gale's and at home. Yesterday afternoon when I brought her home I put her in her swing, like I always do so that I could do some things around the house. Usually she takes a little nap or watches her mobile. Well, not yesterday. She cried and cried. So I got her out of the swing. She calmed down. So, I thought I'd put her back down. This time in her bouncer. Again, she started crying. I picked her up. She stopped. I moved the bouncer into the kitchen where I was cooking and cleaning and put her in it. She was ok, but still no nap. When Reagan got home we put her in the swing so we could eat dinner. Again, she cried and cried. So he picked her up. She settled down a little, but still cried some. I took her. She stopped crying and went to sleep. Then it hit us. She is playing us. She's smarter than we thought. So, when I dropped her off at Mrs. Gale's this morning, I told her that Sara Madalin is fine physically. She's just spoiled rotten.

And here is a good example of why.

I sat her on the bed in her bouncer while I was putting my make-up on this morning. We bought some PJs that have little ribbon Taggies on them. She has started trying to put everything in her mouth. I looked over and she was trying to put one of the taggies in her mouth. I thought, "That is so cute. I've got to take a picture." 

As soon as the camera flashed, she cut her eyes over at me. 

Then she must have thought, "Mommy's looking at me."

"I have an idea."

"If I smile, she'll pick me up."

Which is exactly why there are no more pictures. I put the camera down and picked her up and nibbled on those sweet cheeks for a few minutes. 

How can someone that cute not be spoiled? 

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Some call it spoiling...but some think she just may need a little extra loving. We all have a days like that...or lifetimes.