Sep 5, 2008

Weather Channel Fan

Sara Madalin woke us up early today. She woke up a little before 6:00 a.m. for a bottle. I fed her and thought she would lie back down for a little while. I was wrong. She was ready to start her day. Lucky for her (and me) Reagan got up about the time we finished her bottle. He took her and she sat in her bouncer while he got ready for work. When he left he just sat her in her bouncer on our bed next to me. She played a little while then fell asleep. We both got up around 8:30 for a fun day. I got her ready in a cute little bubble and flower headband. Don't let the grin fool you, she really doesn't care for this or any other headband that I put on her. I can usually get about 30 minutes of her wearing a headband before she starts fussing or pulling it off. Yes, she actually reaches up there and pulls it off all by herself. Usually right down over her eyes. 

We left around 10:00 and did a little shopping. I've been looking for some Fall outfits for her. She has a ton of summer stuff for this year and next. But no Fall clothes. 

After we shopped for a little while we headed to Canton for lunch with Aunt Jana. And I completely forgot my camera. I was so upset. Sara Madalin had such a good time. She smiled and talked. She hasn't seen Jana in probably a month. We ate at one of my favorite places, R. J. Barrel and Co. They have the best fish sandwich and fries. Next time you're on The Square in Canton, you have to try it. I worked last Christmas in Canton during the Festival of Lights. I can't wait for Christmas this year so we can take Sara Madalin. She will absolutely love all the lights and animated characters. 

After we left Jana we were going to go see Daddy, but about 20 minutes into our drive home Sara Madalin fell asleep. So I just took her home and we took about a 2 hour nap together on the couch. I don't know who enjoyed the nap more, me or her. I kept thinking how there will come a day when I won't be able to hold her on my chest for naps, and she won't want to be held on my chest for naps. I'm so glad she enjoys it so much now. Some people may say we're spoiling her by holding her while she sleeps. I don't care. She wants to be held, I'm going to hold her while she'll let me.  

After our nap she was ready for an afternoon bottle and then she watched me do some ironing. For some reason watching me iron her Daddy's shirts was funny to her. I told her not to laugh too much. As soon as she's tall enough, ironing would be one of her jobs.  This is what she thought about that...

We did a little house work. She played in her room while I folded and put up clothes. Then we sat and rocked for a little while. We talked and sang. But as soon as her Daddy walked in, she was done with me. She grins so big when he comes in. He took her and they sat down and watched their favorite show together - The Weather Channel. They watch it every morning. Then, at night, when he gets home, especially these past couple weeks, they watch it before we go to bed. 

They watched for a few minutes then we went and ate dinner. When we got home I changed her into her PJs and fed her. Then she sat in her Bumbo to watch a little Weather Channel. I am not kidding, she loves it. The first picture is of her laughing at Reagan. I could just eat her up when she grins like that. 

In this last picture, she's more serious. I told Reagan she was trying to pay close attention to what was being said about Hanna and Ike so that she could talk about it with Ansley Monday. I joke with her and say that she updates Ansley on the weather every day after watching the Weather Channel in the morning. Look at her, she really looks like she is into whatever she is watching.  Forget all the Baby Einstein and Leap Frog DVDs I bought to build my child's vocabulary. She is content watching Jim Cantore and Dr. Lyons every chance she gets. Hey, maybe she'll be a meteorologist when she grows up.

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