Oct 11, 2008

Amy's Wedding

We got to see one of the most beautiful girls we know get married this evening. Amy and Craig were married on the back lawn of The Grand Hotel this evening and the ceremony was so sweet and lovely.

Here are a couple pictures of me and Sara Madalin before we went down for the wedding. She had on the most beautiful silk dress from Strasburg. And she kept spitting all over it. If she wasn't blowing bubbles and spitting all over it, she was wadding it up and putting it in her mouth. I kept telling her she wasn't being very lady-like. 

Sara Madalin and B. B.

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Bobbye

Wayne, Dr. Fred Wolfe, Uncle Charlie and Johnny

There were beautiful kissing balls hanging from the trees. I told Reagan he had to take a picture for me. I just loved them.

Bro. Larry Mitchell, Fabian (his grandson) and Mrs. Norma

Shellie sang "Surely the Presence" right before the wedding party entered. She sang so beautifully. She always does.


Craig and Amy

Shellie, Skylar, Sara Madalin and me

Mi-Mi Sue-Sue and her girls - Rylee, Sara Madalin and Skyler

Mommy, Daddy and Sara Madalin

Jennifer, Shellie, Ashley, Susie, Skyler and Rylee

Hayes came over to see Sara Madalin. He gave her the biggest kiss. He kept trying to take her out of my arms. He also helped me wipe drool from her mouth. He was so sweet.

Sara Madalin started getting sleepy between the wedding and reception. Usually when she gets like that I can give her a kiss on her forehead and she'll close her eyes. Not this time. She didn't want to miss anything.

Mrs. Norma and Sara Madalin

Wide-eyed and curious

At the flea market Thursday I say an embroidered onesie that read, "My finger may be little but it's big enough to wrap Daddy around it." This little girl needs one of those because those words are so true for her.

Two sweet, beautiful girls - Amy and Sara Madalin

Mi-Mi and her girls weren't shy about dancing

Amy made Sara Madalin smile on the dance floor

B. B. and Sara Madalin on the dance floor

Partied out

Me and Shellie

It was at this point that Sara Madalin and I went on up to our room.

Sparklers as they left

Happy Honeymoon

Rylee loved the sparklers

Scooter (Johnny), B.B. (Mrs. Anne) and Reagan

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