Oct 26, 2008

Another Fun Day at Church

I know we keep saying this, but Sara Madalin is such a good baby. She has been so playful and happy this weekend. She talked and talked yesterday. If she was awake, she was squealing or "talking" - to me, Reagan, the dogs, anyone that was near her. She got up again this morning, ready to talk.

We got ready for church and I put an outfit on her that her Nanna had sent her, along with a pair of glittery pink shoes. I told her they were her first pair of Pretty Shoes. I don't know if you can see them well in the picture below. She got LOTS of compliments on them.

One of the little girls in my Sunday School class had brought two of her baby dolls to church. Somehow Sara Madalin ended up with one in her lap after church. I had handed Sara Madalin to Mrs. Peggy and I looked over and Sara Madalin had the doll. She thought she was something holding a little baby that looked a lot like her. She may have even thought it wast that baby we look at in the mirror all the time.

Of course, like everything else she gets her hands on, it didn't take long for her to move it to her mouth.

Our friends, David and Regina, shared in our worship service this morning about their missionary work in Guatemala. Regina wore the traditional dress of the K'ekchi' women. She and Sara Madalin actually matched. 

Two years ago when they left for the mission field we took this picture of the four of us together. 

We took one today with an additional member. A very pretty, sweet, much prayed for additional member.

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