Oct 11, 2008

Another Use for Ziploc Bags

We went shopping in Foley at the outlet mall Friday morning. Sara Madalin needed some winter clothes to play in and some new PJs. Well, it just so happened that we went into a shoe store. I know, BIG surprise. As I was looking at some shoes for her, Reagan told me to look up. Sara Madalin was reaching out trying to grab a pair of shoes. And she has pretty good taste, I must say. She is a girl after her mother's own heart. I couldn't have been prouder.

I have to explain this next picture to you. Reagan and I, along with a few of our friends, read Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace a few years ago. We attended one of his seminars and got all worked up about paying off debt and budgeting and so forth. I used to carry around envelopes with cash that was designated for certain expenses. I still have the wallet I bought that once contained those envelopes, which are long gone because they were paper and I opened and closed them so much that they just fell apart. Anyway, we still budget. Reagan is a great saver. Much better than me. But we designate a certain amount of money from each of our paychecks for clothing, groceries, housing, utilities, etc. Well, yesterday, my husband had the bright idea to put each of our designated spending money in ziploc bags. Sara Madalin had her money in a bag. I had my money in a bag. And Reagan had his money in a bag. Every time we'd make a purchase, we'd pull out the right bag and get the money out and then place our change and receipt back in the bag. I told Reagan, those ladies checking me out probably thought, "Those poor people. They have to keep their money in plastic bags." Anyway, I told Reagan we HAD to take a picture so everyone would believe that my husband made me carry this around while I was shopping. Oh, and notice the items in the store behind me. THAT is why he only allows me a certain amount of money to spend when we go shopping.

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