Oct 11, 2008

Celebration Dinner

Friday night we went to Amy's rehearsal dinner. She and Craig have a small wedding party, so instead of having a rehearsal dinner, they had a large dinner for family and friends and they called it a Celebration Dinner.

Sara Madalin dressed in her cutest animal print outfit. She was so cute. Her first photo was with Mrs. Norma Mitchell. Mrs. Norma is from Mexico and she and her husband, Bro. Larry are missionaries to Mexico. She wants Sara Madalin to learn Spanish so she can talk to her. Sara Madalin and Mrs. Norma both had on leopard print. 

Here is a picture of me and Rylee. She is 4. She's Wayne and Susie's granddaughter.

The dinner was held at the Fairhope yatch club. This is a picture Reagan took as we were walking to the club.

Sara Madalin took a quick nap as we were waiting to enter the dining room.

Anna and me

Me and Reagan

Mrs. Norma and me

Me and my Sugar

Almost partied out - but she wouldn't go to sleep because she was afraid she would miss something.

Rylee and Skylar danced while everyone ate.

Amy, Sara Madalin, me and Reagan

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