Oct 11, 2008

Checking in the at hotel

Thursday night we stayed in Foley so that we could do a little shopping Friday. I had changed Sara Madalin into her PJs before we left Mobile. I knew we wouldn't arrive at the hotel until after her bed time. She was sound asleep when we checked in. But by the time we got into our room she was wide awake.

We are so new to this baby thing that we didn't know you could request a crib for your room. We were just going to let her sleep on a pallet next to our bed. Since it was our first experience with a portable crib, we HAD to take photos.

Our little girl was not impressed with the crib. It took forever for her to go to sleep and she woke up pretty much every hour. Until we realized, she's not used to sleeping with ANY light on. We usually leave the bathroom light on with the door ajar when we stay in a hotel. That way if we get up in the middle of the night we can see. About 2:00 we realized it might be bothering her and we turned it off. She slept on until about 6:30, which is her normal time to wake.

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