Oct 11, 2008

A Day in Fairhope

We are staying at a lovely resort in Fairhope, AL this weekend for Amy's wedding. Fairhope is a beautiful, quaint Southern coastal town. If I could live anywhere, this would probably be it. It's near the beach. The homes and yards are beautiful. The community is relaxed and charming. The downtown area is still very much alive and there are a number of small boutiques and antique shops, as well as several causal dining restaurants that you are welcomed to eat at in just shorts and a t-shirt. We decided that since we were here for the day we'd look around town.

Before we headed out, we ate breakfast in the restaurant of our hotel. Sara Madalin decided that would be a great time to take a little nap. She got up around 7:30 for her bananas and a bottle, so she had already eaten.

She has been so good this weekend. She's had the best time seeing and experiencing all the new things. She is our child for sure. She seems to love to travel. That's a good thing. And she has been very flexible. She rides in her stroller and never really complains, unless it's time to eat. Once she's fed, she's good. She takes a nap when she gets tired. The rest of the time, she looks around with her big blue eyes and takes everything in.

After breakfast, we walked outside to the bay area. Once we got out there, Sara Madalin woke up. It was bright. She's so sweet when she first wakes up. 

We took a photo together. She wouldn't look at the camera though. I guess I can't expect her to be perfect all the time.

Another picture of us together. There is just too much for our curious little girl to see.

Finally, she looked at Daddy.

As we were walking back toward our hotel, she and Daddy stopped to look at the water. She kept trying to lean farther and farther over to see it.

Daddy's Girl

She loved being outside and seeing everything. She isn't going to know what to do next week when she's back at home inside all the time.

After we walked around for a while, we decided to ride into town and walk and shop there. Again, Sara Madalin used her time wisely and took a quick nap.

She napped and ate and looked while we walked and shopped. After we ate lunch, I changed her into something cooler. Also, I knew when we got back to the hotel it would be time for her to eat again and I really would rather she messed up a onesie from Wal-Mart than a cute bubble that I hope she'll wear at least once more.

Look at how happy she is. She was looking at Reagan. She kept putting her feet up on the stroller. She wouldn't let them hang out the end. She wanted to prop them up.

Reagan and Sara Madalin in front of the place where we ate lunch.

Once we were back at our hotel, it was time for bananas. Sara Madalin is getting the hang of this. She ate a good bit more today than yesterday. She likes to sit in front of our balcony window so she can look outside.

With a face like that, how could anyone get mad at her for playing with her food? And her Daddy was not helping me any. He kept talking to her and she'd laugh and spit out her food so she could talk back.

Another successful meal. I can't wait until she tries something new.

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The Glenn Gang said...

I'm loving all these posts. So sweet! Dan's dad lives in Fairhope. It really is a beautiful town.