Oct 8, 2008

Four Month Check-Up

I carried Sara Madalin for her four-month check-up today. She was so good. There was a lot to see and not enough time for her to see it. She has gotten so curious. She DOES NOT like to be held like a baby anymore. She wants to be held in an upright position, looking forward, on my right side. She basically sits on my arm and looks forward (and around) so she can see EVERYTHING. And she has to have both arms in front of her. If I try to put her left arm behind my shoulder, she finds a way to move it to the front. Now, it's different with her Daddy. She hugs and cuddles him. With me, it's all business. Gotta see everything.

So, we went for the check-up today and they weighed her. She was so tiny the first time they weighed her on these scales. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I forgot my travel camera in the car. I took photos with my phone. You get the idea though. She weighs 13 lbs. and 13 oz. That means she's probably going to be triple her birth weight by the time she's 6 months. I don't know if that's normal or not. Her doctor did say that she is gaining weight at a good rate and that she is very healthy. He said her height, weight and head circumference are proportionate. 

After she was weighed we went to the examination room. The nurse measured her length. She is 25 inches long. She was 18 1/2 when she was born, so that's 6 1/2 inches more than birth. I have a feeling that I'm going to be looking up to her by the time she's in jr. high school. I'm only 59 1/2 inches.

She did so good with everything. she was still when she was supposed to be. She smiled and cooed. There was a mobile in the exam room that she loved. She kept looking over at it. And when I would move her close to it, she would flap her arms and nearly jump out of my arms to get to it.

I let her play on the table while we waited for her doctor to come check her out. She had the best time with the paper on the table. She ripped it to shreds. Every time I'd lay her on it on her tummy, she'd turn over. She didn't really do much creeping while on the table, but I'm sure it won't be long. She has too much curiosity to be in one place too long.

After her doctor examined her, the nurse came in with the shots. I felt so bad. When Sara Madalin first saw her she smiled at her, like she does most everyone else. She probably thought, "Oh, somebody new to play with." She found out quickly that the nurse wasn't there to play. She had an oral vaccine first and Sara Madalin lapped it up. Then came the shots. They didn't take long though. And as soon as I picked Sara Madalin up she settled right down. She didn't take her eyes off that nurse though until she left the room.

Our prayers continue to be answered. She is a happy healthy girl. Oh, and she gets to start solids this week. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

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