Oct 21, 2008

A Gift From Skyler

Daddy brought me a gift home this evening. It was in an envelope with a note from my friend Skyler.

I opened it and found a note and a pacifier holder. The pacifier holder had "Princess" written on it. She and I are both princesses.

I checked out the pacie holder as best I could.

Then while Mommy was taking it out of the bag for me, I checked out the note. It was written by Mi-Mi Sue-Sue. Daddy didn't want me to put it in my mouth but when they'd take it away I cried. So I got to chew on it a bit.

As a trade off, Mommy put my pacie on my new holder and then gave it to me. That was all I needed. It didn't take long for me to go to sleep after that.

Thank you Skyler and Mi-Mi Sue-Sue for my pacie holder.

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