Oct 12, 2008

Going Home

I have been meaning to take photos of Sara Madalin when she wakes up in the morning so that I could post proof of her happiness in the morning. She seriously wakes up smiling and laughing every morning. This is what she looked like this morning as we were getting ready to leave out hotel. 

She woke up around 7:00 and we changed her. She ate around 8:00 then played until we were finished getting ready. By the time we checked out she was asleep. She slept for a couple hours.

About 2 hours into our trip Sara Madalin decided she was hungry. And when she decides she's hungry, she tries to make you understand just HOW hungry she is. There was nowhere to stop so we pulled over on the side of the road, changed her and fed her.  After she ate she went back to sleep and slept all the way home. I think we wore her out this weekend. But she did so good. Susie told us to get her a passport, that girl has places to go.

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