Oct 23, 2008

A Little 'Happy' for You

So I'm at work right now and I've been grading a few tests during my lunch break. I came across an answer to one question that I HAD to share. First, a little background.

I've been teaching in the Marketing Management Technology Department here at this community college for about 7 years. I started first teaching a face-to-face course in Advertising and now I teach 3 face-t0-face courses each semester and one on-line course - all related to business, marketing and selling. We've also added a Fashion Marketing program. I'm teaching one of those classes this semester as well. In my Fashion class we're talking about promoting fashion lines, clothing and accessories. We are also learning various techniques and terminology of the fashion industry. I gave a test last week and one of the questions was, "What is a 'motif'?" The answer from one of my students: "Reason behind doing something."

I laughed out loud.

The answer I was looking for is "a repeated pattern that makes up a fabric print" or something close to that. NOT the definition for "motive."

At least they do their part to keep me on my toes around here.

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