Oct 5, 2008

Mission Friends from Honduras

Some of our missionary friends from Honduras are in the States for a few months. Greg and Eva Vaughn and their children visited our church today to give a report on their ministry in Honduras. The operate a children's home there. They also have 4 children they have adopted. Today was the first day they had met Sara Madalin. They all thought she was so pretty. Their children (who are all from Honduras except one) all thought her eyes were beautiful. They don't see a lot of blonde-haired, blue-eyed babies there. Here is Greg holding Sara Madalin at lunch. In the photo with them is his youngest daughter, Sofia.

This is Aunt Rae. She is one of the Senior Adult ladies in our church. All the ladies love Sara Madalin and she smiles for them, which they just think is so cute. I was passing Aunt Rae this afternoon at church as she was sitting outside the office. Sara Madalin turned all the way around to watch Aunt Rae. I stopped and knelt down to talk to her. Sara Madalin started leaning toward Aunt Rae. So, I handed Sara Madalin to her and took their picture together. 

Please pray for our little girl. She's got a little cold. She's got a stuffy nose but she's a trouper. She hasn't fussed much. But I can tell she's not herself. We're praying she starts feeling better soon. 

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