Oct 17, 2008

My Friday with Mommy

I spent the day at home with Mommy today. I had a pretty good time. I slept for a couple hours then I had a little jar of bananas. Word is I start applesauce tomorrow. I can hardly wait. Here I am after I ate. As you can tell, eating makes me pretty happy.

After I had another little nap I played in my room for a little while. There's a little ottoman in my room. I checked it out pretty good. Turns out there's nothing much looking at under there. But it kept me busy for a while.

I just finished getting ready for a night out with Mommy and Daddy. I don't know where we're going but I'm just looking forward to going somewhere. I like going places. I have on one of my new onesies and a pair of jeans. Do you like my shirt? Sorry Aunt Gina, they don't come in your size or I would have picked one up for you too.

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David and Regina said...

HA! you are too funny! I bet my paps are waiting for me to get home. ha