Oct 18, 2008

Our Little Pumpkin

Sara Madalin got to wear one of her Fall onesies today. I also put her boots on her. They looked so big on her feet. I sat her on the couch while I finished doing a few things. I just propped her up kind of leaning back. Well, Big Girl didn't like to lean back. She wanted to sit up. In the first picture she's trying to lean forward to an upright sitting position.

In the next picture, she's sitting up and looking at Reagan as if to say, "See. I did it."

She's so happy in the mornings. She's happy most all the time. But there is something about early morning that she loves. I mean EARLY morning. I got up with her at 6:30 this morning. Which is about the time we get up every week morning. She doesn't know the difference between week days and weekend, so I really can't be upset. But she got up at 6:30 and I changed her. Then she wanted to talk. So we sat in the living room while Daddy slept and we talked. Actually, Sara Madalin talked. Then when Reagan got up around 8:00 he took her to our room and let me nap on the couch for a little longer. 

Here are a couple more pictures of our happy little pumpkin.

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