Oct 24, 2008

Special Delivery

I got a little note in the mail today. It was from the President of the United States of America. I was so excited. I tried as hard as I could to get it open. Note to self: Licking doesn't open envelopes.

Finally Mommy opened it for me. This is what it said:

Welcome! We are delighted to join your family in celebrating your arrival. You have already brought much happiness to those around you, and you've just gotten started!

We are glad you are now part of the wonderful American story. Our Nation holds great opportunities for you. May you make the most of your unique gifts, and may happiness and love surround you always.

George and Laura Bush

Wasn't that sweet of them? Mommy let me hold it long enough to take a picture then she took it away to put in my memory box.

P.S. Thank you, Mrs. Nicki for telling my Mommy about this idea.

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ML said...

Can you share how you got that letter. Thanks.