Oct 2, 2008

They're Baaack!

My bestest friend-girl, Regina, and her husband, David, are home for a month from Guatemala. They are full time missionaries there working with the K'ekchi' Indian people-group. They've been gone for 2 years. It's great to have them home. In the picture below Regina is holding Sara Madalin last night as we ate dinner at Sonic. Sara Madalin went to her and cuddled with her for about 2 or 3 hours. It was bed time so she didn't really show them how cute she can really be. Maybe next time she can be more charming.

For me and Reagan it hasn't been too different for them to be gone. Well, in some ways it has been, but in a lot of ways, nothing much changed except their address.  We (she and I) email pretty much every day and we talk on the phone when we have the time. They spend a lot of time in remote areas where there is no phone or internet service. We've also visited them twice in the past year. Once as a vacation, and once as part of a small mission team. (Two of my videos in the sidebar are from that trip.) 

Reagan and I are both so excited that they are home for a few weeks. I hope to have more pictures and stories from their visit. 

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