Nov 20, 2008

The Ambien Made Me Say It

Reagan is making me leave my 'puter (that's what my nephew calls it) at home while we go away for a few days. He says it was my idea. If it was, it must have been after I had taken an Ambien or something, cause I don't remember suggesting that at all. (Ambien has made me say and do things in the past that I totally black out. But, oh, how peacefully I sleep after taking one.) 

However, in the words of Mel Gibson as that dude he played in "Braveheart," "They may take our MacBook, but they will NEVER take our iPhone."

Ok, so he may not have said those EXACT words, but that's not the point. The point is, I'll try to do a little Twittering (Did you see the addition to my sidebar? Check it out.) and I'm going to try and mobile blog a bit from my phone. And I'll have LOTS to share when we return.

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Anonymous said...

message recived loud and clear. tjis is your mom.Christmas is coming and I know what you want