Nov 29, 2008

Do You See What I See?

Tonight we took Sara Madaliln to the Festival of Lights in Canton (Cayn-tuhn, for those who follow my blog). As soon as we picked her up out of her car seat she nearly hyper-ventilated with excitement. There was so many lights, and a train, and horses, and so much to see. I didn't even coax her to smile in the next picture.

We went into the Welcome Center to see Aunt Jana before we walked around The Square. (Can you believe she wore that shirt today after yesterday's Ole Miss/State ballgame?)

It was all we could do to get Sara Madalin to even look at the camera for any photos. She was so excited and just couldn't see everything that she wanted to see. Here's she's watching a reindeer play a violin. Her Papaw told her Thursday that he wants her to learn to play. He plays and has his first "fiddle" that he wants to give her when she learns to play. I'll have to show him this picture so he can see she's already interested.

While we were inside buying tickets for the museums we saw Santa walking by outside. We took Sara Madalin out for a picture. This is the only one where we could get her to look at the camera. She was more interested in looking at him. She tried to reach out and touch his beard. I think Santa was way more scared of her than she was of him. I have seen pictures of my friends' children the first time they see Santa (Nicki's son Jonah and Ashlee's little girl, Rylie, for example - Bless their hearts.) and I was expecting to have a similar photo and story to tell. Sara Madalin never even frowned. She would have sat there as long as we would have let her.

After that we walked down to the bakery that is run by The Christmas Village. They were offering Christmas portraits with a donation to their organization. Before her picture, Sara Madalin and I walked over to see Baby Jesus in the manger scene they have displayed in the window. She wanted so badly to climb over in there with the Baby and the animals.

(Just a note on the side, I do put shoes on my baby girl. But she kicks them off EVERY TIME. She had the cutest little red velvet shoes on when we started. That lasted all of about 2 minutes.)

We walked around The Square to see some of the lighted scenes they have. Again, we could not get her to look at the camera. She wanted to get down on the ground and play. She wanted to touch every light we passed.

Oh, and then the most amazing thing EVER happened, we saw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. If you click on the photo and look closely in the eye of Rudolph, you might recognize who it is. Or you may not. So, I'll tell you. It was Aunt Jana. She was so funny.

This next picture is kind of a joke between me and Jana. It has become a tradition for me to take a photo with one of the potbellied Santas outside the animation museums. She knows why.

We found some lighted presents. This child almost jumped out of my arms trying to touch them.

I like this photo for some reason. Maybe it's the lights in the background. We were both looking to our right at a huge ornament hanging in the tree behind us. 

As we were leaving the last museum, a sweet little elderly lady stopped to ooh and ahh over Sara Madalin. Poor thing, she didn't know what was about to happen to her. Look at Sara Madalin's eyes.

And there goes the hand. Luckily, we grabbed her hand before she pulled too hard. The little lady was so sweet. 

And our final picture. Daddy and his sweet girl as we were about to leave. We wore her out. When we got home, she took a bottle and then Reagan put her down in her bed and she was out. Never made a peep. Didn't even need her pacie to go to sleep. That never happens. 

We had a great time. We plan to go back closer to Christmas to ride the carousel, fire truck and horse and buggy.

And no, Mrs. Betty was not there tonight. Maybe next time.

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~the mccrarys~ said...

aw! lots of fun! her santa pics are so cute! wish we'd have had that luck with rylie's lol!

K Storm said...

My kids have been asking when we are going up to Canton...we had so much fun last year. Our friends at Village Confections do a good job, don't they? Love those petit fours!!

Jana said...

I love it!!! I want you a copy of her and rudolph, those are so funny and cute!!!

Regina and David said...

Looks like a FUN family outing! I am sure Sara Madalin loved it. How about that reindeer- too cute!