Nov 13, 2008


I have had this little ring for 35 years. It was mine when I was a baby. I've kept it in my jewelry box all of my adult life. I'd take it out every now and then and look at it and hold it and slip it on my pinky finger and pray that God would send me a little girl who could one day wear it as her own. 

Well, he answered those prayers. And I've been trying it on her almost every week since she was born in hopes that it would fit her tiny little fingers. I tried it on her this week and it fit. It's actually a little snug on her finger. Isn't it so pretty on her?

Um, another thing... those last two pictures... notice her wrist. Is it supposed to look like that? Sometimes it almost looks like she has a rubber band around her wrist. At least she's healthy and happy, huh?

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Beth said...

I can't believe how big she is getting. And she looks so much like Reagan in that one where they're in bed asleep. I look every day waiting for new posts. Since I never have time to come see her at least I can see this.

K Storm said...

That is so sweet...I love jewelry on baby girls.

I see several babies with their wrist like fact I think my son was like'll go away when those precious soft arms and hands start to slim.

pat farmer said...

Yes, she is just fine. Nothing wrong with a happy healthy baby. Look at Tommy's next time you see him in the nursery.