Nov 30, 2008

I'm Surrounded by Crazy People

After church this morning, Mommy brought me over to the sanctuary to see some of my friends. First I saw Ms. Lynn. She's so pretty and sweet. And she makes me laugh. 

Then Mr. Kevin came over. He is my friend, Anna's daddy. I wonder if he knows how funny he is.

Then things got kind of weird. Ms. Lynn got down on the floor with me and tried to teach me to crawl. I thought about it, then I thought, "Hey, why should I crawl when I can let other people carry me?"

And then Mr. Malcolm tried to help by moving my legs. Trust me when I tell you, sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by crazy people.

Here's a little video my Mommy took during my crawling lesson. Watch it and you tell me if I'm wrong.

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Lynn said...

That's my girl. If I could have had just a little bit longer. She would have been WALKING. HA. She is just toooo precious. Love ya, Lynn