Nov 23, 2008

Let Me Explain

I don't really like coffee. I like to smell it. But I don't like to drink it. Last year when we visited David and Regina in Guatemala it was all about coffee. Reagan LOVES coffee. David And Regina live in a country where coffee is served at EVERY meal. And we toured two coffee farms. So I thought, well I'll try it. (Of course there was NO pressure from the three of them. No joking that I couldn't handle it or ANYTHING like that.)

Well I tried it. And I still didn't like it. I put about a quarter cup of milk in it. Still didn't like it. Then I started adding the sugar. Five packs of sugar later I finally liked the taste well enough that I stopped adding it. I tell ya, peer pressure will get you every time.

From time to time I try it. I tried it yesterday at breakfast. I still don't like coffee.

Oh, did I mention there's a Starbuck's in our hotel lobby? Yeah, aren't we the lucky ones?

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