Nov 20, 2008

Mommy & Daddy

My Mommy and Daddy will celebrate their 12th anniversary this weekend. Here they are when they got married. That was a REALLY long time ago. My Daddy had a lot more hair then. 

Here they are last year.

Mommy said that every year on their anniversary, she would be happy, but sad too, because she wanted a little boy or little girl that she and Daddy could love. Well, she's not sad this year. I'm here. And boy do I get lots of love - from Mommy and Daddy and everyone else who knows me. I'm pretty easy to love I guess.

It's a good thing Mommy and Daddy have had so many years to get to spend time together and go places alone. Now I'm here and everybody tells them they can't go on those kinds of trips without me.

Wait a minute, why is Mommy's suitcase over by the door?

Do they think they're going somewhere without me?

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