Nov 17, 2008


We have a couple of friends who have a debate - a debate that started while they were dating and has continued their entire marriage. The knit hats that people wear during the Winter- what are they called? She calls it a "noobie." He calls it a "taboggan". Since I normally side with her on most issues, I started calling it a noobie. 

This morning as we were getting Sara Madalin ready to go to Mrs. Gale's. I told Reagan it was really cold out and that we should put on one of her noobies that we had gotten this past weekend. 

At first she wasn't so sure of things.

But then she did a little pose and gave a smile to let us know she liked it. 

Reagan said that when he got to Mrs. Gale's that Sara Madalin was really quiet. Now, that's not really all that unusual for her. She sits in her car seat and pretty much just looks around or sleeps. But today, he said she was really quiet, but she wasn't asleep. When he went around to get her out, she had both hands on the cap pulling it straight out, then bringing it back to her head, then straight out again. He said it doesn't quite fit the same as it did before he left our house. It's a good thing we bought two.

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Lynn said...

I call it a taboggan. Boy, she sure is starting to like the camera. HUH. She is just too cute.

Jana said...

As much as her mom and daddy take pictures of her she doesn't have a choice but to love the camera!!

Jami Ainsworth said...

When I was a child my dad called them taboggan...I haven't heard the term much since, but I must admit I had never heard the term noobie...though I must admit...very cute and different! And by the way, I just call the hats or caps, and I love 'em all of them. I find some self collecting them for my granddaughter...I love outfits with matching reason I am loving gymboree so much!

By the way it's nice that she liked many children don't.