Nov 2, 2008

Remember Me?

Mommy, Daddy, Mi-Mi Sue-Sue and I went on a road trip today. I went to see a lot of people that I haven't seen since I was born - my birth family. I was kind of wondering if they would remember me.  Guess what - they DID. 

This is me and my Nana. She got a lot of my sugar today. But that's ok. I have lots to go around. 

This is my Popa. He is funny. When he wasn't holding me I liked to look at him. But then when he held me, I looked other places. There was a lot to see and I didn't want to miss anything.

This is me, my sister Emily and Sayra. She's my birthmother. She looks a lot different than I remember. But I'm sure I probably look different than she remembers me too.

This is me and Emily again. She REALLY wanted to hold me. My Mommy finally showed her where to sit on the couch and let her hold me. I'm almost as big as she is. She was very concerned about my drool problem. 

This is Emily, my brother Nathan and me. I really liked Nathan. Every time he got close to me I kept trying to reach out and touch him.

Me and Sayra again. 

I'm glad I got to go visit them today. They have been so good to me and my Mommy and Daddy.

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Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

So sweeet! I think the relationship you all have with your daughter's birth family is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

The Glenn Gang said...

WOW! How awesome! I know that you and Reagan continue to be examples of Christ to them. Email me later and tell me about the visit!