Nov 25, 2008

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We had a really good time this past weekend. Although we missed our sweet girl, it was nice to get away for a few days to spend some time alone together. As you may have read, we celebrated our 12th anniversary while we were there. Reagan planned the weekend. It was so sweet. When we arrived at our hotel, he had 12 yellow roses waiting for me. It took me a few hours to put it together, but there was 12 roses for 12 years. He's a sharp one, that man I married. Me? Not so much.

These next few pics are from our hotel balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

This is an old fort that was located outside our hotel. There are several forts on the island. This is really small compared to the majority of forts there. You can also see downtown New San Juan in the background.

After we got settled, we walked around the grounds of the hotel. This next photo of Reagan doesn't even look real. It looks like I took two different photos and Photoshopped him in.

Saturday we got up and went into Old Town San Juan for breakfast. This is where you'll find the best mallorcas in all of San Juan.

Saturday we went on a zip line tour. It rained the whole time. It was fun, but cold.

Saturday night we went to Morton's Steak House for our anniversary dinner. It was so good. This is the bread. It was huge and oh so good.

This is the look I had on  my face when my dinner was brought to me...

... and this is why. The best shrimp I've ever put in my mouth. 

Yesterday we walked around Old Town San Juan. It is such a beautiful city surrounded by ocean and forts.

Ah... not so Old World after all. We managed to find a Radio Shack.

We got up early this morning to travel home. I took the opportunity for one last nap in the airport before boarding the plane home.

And now back to the real world... copyright laws, research papers, final exams - you know, the FUN stuff.

We're glad to be home with our baby girl. We kept saying the whole time we were gone, we have to take her back there. She would love it. I can't wait to see her experience new things and watch her travel new places.

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The Glenn Gang said...

I'm proud of y'all for remaining committed to your marriage and each other even though Sara Madalin is here. We haven't done so good with that! Our 10th anniversary is in May so we are working on something.

Regina and David said...

Glad you are home and that you had a fun time. Looks really pretty there. Happy Anniversary!!

Beth said...

Glad you all made it home safely. The pic's are beautiful. And we want one of Sara Madalin's christmas cards 3127 Greenfield Road Lot 391 Pearl Ms 39208. Oh, btw, I applied for radiation therapy school last week. We'll see how it goes. I'm super excited! I'll let you know how it goes. Only 1 semester of x-ray school left.

~the mccrarys~ said...

beautiful vac pics! happy anniversary!
oh thanks for the comment on my blog-i've actually started making Rylie's headbands & bows. the headbands are EASY & cheap to make-the bows not so much. before that though i bought them all at local baby boutiques or dillards has cute stuff too! there's also several websites out there (some linked on my blog) or order custom stuff.

Lynn said...

So Beautiful. Happy Anniversay. Glad you had a good time.