Nov 4, 2008

We've Started Calling in the Family

Jana came over tonight. She held Sara Madalin and played with her before she went to bed.

Five months old and already she's a ham for the camera. I don't know where she gets that from.

She also has developed an obsession with phones. If one is near her, whether someone is talking on it or not, she tries as hard as she can to get her hands on it.

But the real reason Jana came over tonight was because of our Basset Hound, Codi. Codi is 11 years old this month. She was my anniversary gift from Reagan for our first anniversary. We weren't ready to start a family (with children) so I just HAD to have a dog. And, as has been my habit in the past, I was impulsive in my choice. She was so cute as a puppy that I had to have her. Well, she didn't stay a puppy. She grew up. She got REALLY big and REALLY stinky. But she has always been a great guard dog. No one comes within 50 feet of our house without her knowing. I've been glad to have her around many nights when Reagan was late getting home, or gone out of town without me.

About two weeks ago we noticed that she wasn't eating regularly. Then we really began to watch her and saw that she had lost quite a bit of weight. Yesterday morning, Reagan was petting her and found a very large growth on her lower stomach. It's probably about the size of my fist. We've not seen it before now because of her fat. When she lost so much weight, we were able to see it. He also found some spots around her neck that are smaller, but what appear to be tumors. She's always had health problems. We've had to even see a specialist about her allergies. And she's on thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism. (Yeah, she's one of those kinds of dogs - HIGH maintenance.) But she's gotten really bad, really quick this time. Reagan has an appointment for her at the vet tomorrow. He's talked with several people about the growths and has been told that it is probably cancer. We should know more tomorrow.

When we travel out of town, Jana stays at our house to take care of Codi and Taco for us. So, when I told her that Codi was sick, she decided to come by and see her. I thought that was sweet of her. 
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Lynn said...

Oh, Malinda, I hope that Codi will be ok. If they are tumors, maybe they want be malignant and they can be removed and everything will be ok. I will pray a little prayer for Codi.You know how I love my Shotsey. He will be 14 in January. Our babies are very special.