Dec 10, 2008

And She Sings Too

Sara Madalin had her 6 month check-up this morning with Dr. R. Yes, it's almost a month late, but, better late than never, huh? Anyway, when we got there the nurse weighed her. She's 16 lbs. 8 oz. and she's 26 1/2 inches long. While we waited for Dr. R. we had a good time with the paper used to cover the examining table. And by "we" I mean Sara Madalin.

I apologized for our destruction, but I got the impression we weren't the first to completely shred every inch of paper on the table during our visit. 

She did really good during the visit. She smiled at everybody and even talked a little. She didn't even fuss when Dr. R. examined her ears and she usually screams when he does that. He said she is growing and developing as she should. He said she looks and acts like a very healthy girl.

However, she has an ear infection. She's not run any fever. She's not complained about her ear. She did pull at it a bit yesterday but I thought it was because of the earrings. The ear infection hasn't affected her eating or sleeping. He's always told me to watch for any changes in those things because that would be an indication of possible sickness. I asked him how I'm supposed to know she's sick if she doesn't act sick and doesn't run fever. (We check her temp. from time to time because her cheeks get so red.) He said she would let me know if she was really hurting. Ok. If that's what you say. Anyway, he gave us an antibiotic for her ear infection. 

And, if you've ever been around her for more than two minutes you've heard the sound she makes. It's a rattling like she's got congestion in her lungs. She's made the sound since we brought her home from the hospital. It always seems to be worse when she's just finished eating or she's excited. (Or when you're in a room full of people and everyone else is quiet. It is MAGNIFIED then. So everyone starts looking at the woman holding the baby making all the noise.) We've asked him about it since the first visit. We even asked another doctor about it at a visit where Dr. R. wasn't available. They both said it's mucous and one good cough when she's like that would clear it up. But how do you teach a 7 month old to cough to clear her throat? You don't, that's how. So, every time she goes to the nursery at church, or she sees anyone new or we're out shopping, or whatever, people ask me, "Is she sick?" and I go into this whole explanation I've given above. Well, guess what, we finally addressed it today once and for all. And he thinks it might be an allergy to her formula. So, no formula for two days. She's on baby food and Apple juice. And guess what, she's never had apple juice until today. No juice at all until today. But Mrs. Gale said she took it like it was no big deal. Well, of course she did. That's how she pretty much handles everything new. Like it's no big deal. She is the BEST baby, y'all. God has truly blessed us. Anyway, no formula until Saturday. Then we start soy formula to see if maybe that makes things any better.

She also had four shots. She cried for about 2 seconds. She looked at that nurse like she was the most horrible person in the world. Then we walked out of the examining room and she saw a little girl (Amber - I asked) and it was if nothing had ever happened. She nearly jumped out of my arms to get down to play with Amber. She smiled and laughed and talked to anyone that would talk to her as we waited in line to check out. I have a feeling she's not going to meet many strangers, as they say. 

Oh, and did I mention she took herself off the pacifier? Yeah, broke my heart to throw those away. A week or two ago she just decided she didn't want it anymore. She has only really taken it when she's ready to sleep. One night she spit it out and wouldn't take it after that. (Sklyer is going to be so disappointed when she finds out. They are pacie buddies. Were. Were pacie buddies.) Instead of taking a pacie to go to sleep now, she sings herself to sleep. I know, isn't it sweet?

So, do you want to know what a 7 month old, allergic to her formula, non-pacie taking, ear infection having, angel sounds like? I thought you might. Here's our Sugar-Sugar last night right before Reagan put her in her bed. Please, please God let her always be this good.

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Regina and David said...

That's soo sweet. This was a very cute post. Glad she is doing soo well!

~the mccrarys~ said...

she's so sweet in that video of her & her daddy! i miss those tender moments!