Dec 20, 2008

Another Day, Another Party

I've had another big day. It started with me and Daddy getting up for a bottle pretty early. Then he had to get ready for work. I saw that Mommy was still asleep, and I hated for her to sleep there alone, so I laid down next to her and took a little nap.

Then, she and I went out and ran a few errands. I don't know if you've heard, but Internet has been out at our house. It's obviously something of vital importance, because Mommy and I spent the better part of the morning trying to get things worked out in relation to that. I think Mommy said something about having to write stuff on the Internet for all those people that read about me every day (What up, Mrs. Shirley?). She said that if she doesn't write stuff, people start asking questions.

Well, while she was driving, I talked. And took my shoe off. Then I sucked on my sock for a while. Then I took that off too. By then, I was pretty tired. So, I took a quick nap.

For lunch, we went to visit my Daddy and the people at the drug store. They had a party there. And y'all know how I love a good party. Holla!

Before the party started, I got to meet someone who has read about me since I was born, but has never seen me in person - Ree-Ree. Her daughter is married to my Daddy's cousin. She's about to be a grandmother in a few weeks.

While I had a few minutes, I took a quick nap. I like to be well rested before I really start partying.

B. B. arrived just after I woke up. I went to talk to her for a few minutes.

Then, thanks to Scooter, things got really crazy. He got a gift in a BIG box. He gave me the ribbon off his gift. It was really SHINY and GOLD. I like both those things.

Then Scooter got the idea that he would put me in the box.

I think he is quite a character.

Then I got some love from Miss Amber.

And of course, I was happy to see Miss Jessica. I tried to share my ribbon with her.

And then, guess what happened... Daddy let me help him open a present.

I chewed on it a bit.

He helped me tear it open a little.

Then, once I dropped the ribbon Scooter had given me, I was really able to get going.

Between me and Daddy, it didn't take us long to get that present open.

I let Daddy have the present. I kept the box. It's the most fun box I've ever seen.

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