Dec 15, 2008

Christmas In Our Hometown

In the town where Reagan works the park is decorated by area businesses and churches during Christmas. We thought it would be fun to take Sara Madalin out to look at the lights. I know you're not supposed to do this, but we let her ride in the front with us. We never reached a speed over 5 MPH and there was only one or two cars other than us in the whole park, so we thought it was pretty safe.

This is the scene that our church sponsors.

A gingerbread house and people.

Every year prior to this one, we've taken one of our nephews to look at the lights. We usually take a picture in front of this little miniature church with them. Tonight we got to take a pic with our sweet little girl. She didn't seem that impressed.

I loved this scene. It was kind of on a side of a hill with spotlights and the pieces were arranged along the hill. It was much more beautiful than this photo shows.

I took this photo for my Siesta, Cindy. When she and I first started emailing each other she told me she liked Santa ornaments and that she collects them. She said she especially likes the kneeling Santas. Hope you like it Cindy.

This scene is sponsored by the local Red Hat Society. I love it. Look at those shoes.

This scene is sponsored by Reagan and Johnny's DME company.

And we know these people too. Robin and Kelly's scene.

We had fun looking at the lights and scenes. I'm sure Sara Madalin will love it more next year. This year, she was more interested in her bottle and my necklace. But it was fun to start another little family tradition with her.

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K Storm said...

THat is so fun!! We are hoping to get out and see some lights soon.

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

Awwww...You thought of me. How sweet!!! I love the Santa! And all the displays are wonderful. I love going to things like this. We are planning our special outing to a local university next week. Sorry I haven't posted a pic of the ornament that you sent(which I L-O-V-E!!) but...true confession...I'm not so good at transfering from the camera to the computer...just haven't done it much yet. I'm wokring on it, though! Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Carpenter Family said...

Kelly decorated that scene at the park himself. He actually went to Wal Mart and bought the stuff and everything. I guess that next year I am going to have help just a little. I think there is room for improvement.