Dec 22, 2008

Dinner and a Gift

After church Sunday night, we went to eat dinner and Sugar was a mess. She has a couple toys that we let her play with while we eat. I think there may have been about 4 people in the restaurant who didn't, at some point during our meal, stop to pick them up off the floor. We'd put them in front of her and she'd pick one up and throw it to the floor. Then she'd pick up another, and throw it to the floor. After a while, we stopped picking them up. But someone would walk by, pick them up and talk to her. She'd smile. Then, as soon as they turned to walk away, she'd pick up her toy from where they had set it on the table and throw it back on the floor. I'm not kidding. At least three or four different people stopped to pick up her toys. 

Look at this face. I could just about eat her up when she cuts her eyes and grins like that. Oh, who am I kidding, I could just about eat her up no matter what face she makes.

When we got home we let her open a gift. Mi-Mi Sue-Sue and Pop-Pop had given her a Christmas present last night since we probably won't see them again until after Christmas. I was going to wait to let her open it, but Mi-Mi Sue-Sue told me to go ahead and let her open it when we got home so she could enjoy it now. And boy did she enjoy it. Opening it, that is. I don't know how interested she was in the toy itself. She is definitely a fun age for her first Christmas. Thank you Mi-Mi Sue-Sue and Pop-Pop. We love you.

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~the mccrarys~ said...

we used to have the same problem with Rylie throwing toys on the floor at restaurants. Have you tried those toys on the circle rings that can attach to her highchair? those worked wonders for Rylie!

K Storm said...

Oh, she's teaching you the pick up game...isn't it fun?