Dec 1, 2008


We've talked about some of the things we thought we might get Sara Madalin for Christmas. One thing we were going to get her is an ExerSaucer/Activity Center. We tried to wait. We really did. But these past couple weeks, she has become so curious and active that we couldn't wait any longer. She needs activity and stimulation. She will play for a while in her play pen. Don't even think of putting her in her bouncer. She's bored in there. Not even the jumper is enough to keep her entertained. So, we went out Saturday and looked at what Toys R Us had to offer. We pulled several models off the shelf and let her sit in them to play. She liked all of them. But this one really did her in. She couldn't get enough of it. And she went round and round playing in it. She LOVED it. So, we bought it. After she went to bed Saturday night Reagan decided to pull it out of the box. For those other new parents out there, just a heads up, when you buy toys like this, they don't come out of the box looking ANYTHING like the display models on the shelf. But if anyone is up to piecing a new toy together, it is her Daddy.

Sunday afternoon while we were eating our lunch we let her try it.  I think she likes it.

Maybe that will keep her busy for a while.

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K Storm said...

My kids used to love those...and you are right...some things cannot wait.

Lynn said...

Way to go Reagan, You did good.

~the mccrarys~ said...

those things are so awesome! but def a pain to put together!