Dec 17, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

I saw this on the Living Proof Ministries blog and thought I'd share a few of my "favorites" about Christmas too.

Fresh tree or fake tree
Both. Our main tree is fresh because when Reagan and I met, that's what he wanted. It's a tradition we've kept since we married. We decorate it with all the ornaments we've collected during our marriage, as well as a few from his childhood, and multi-colored lights. I usually also decorate what I call the "Pretty Tree." I use white lights and white snowflake ornaments. (For some strange reason, I didn't bother with it this year. Had a little too much going on, I guess.) Then there's my little tree with the shoe and purse ornaments on it.

Favorite ornament
I really like this ornament from my nephew, Elijah. It was a sweet surprise one Christmas when I really didn't feel the Christmas spirit.

Favorite Christmas song 
I love music and it's hard to choose one favorite, ever. But I really like "A Strange Way to Save the World" by 4HIM and "Joy" by Selah. I've told Reagan, Christmas doesn't start for me until I pull out my Amy Grant CDs. "Heirlooms," "Grown Up Christmas List," "The Night Before Christmas," and "Breath of Heaven" are part of my Christmas soundtrack.

Favorite Tradition
As a child, my favorite tradition was that on Christmas day we would travel to my grandmother's house to see all our aunts and uncles and cousins. My daddy was the youngest of nine children. My grandmother's house was FULL. After we had lunch, we'd leave there and go to my mother's parents' house and stay there until after dinner. 

Now, I guess my favorite tradition as an adult would be Christmas cards. I love sending them and I love receiving them. I was so excited to make ours this year because we now have our sweet Sugar to include in the photos on the card.

Favorite Gift Ever Received
I think my Nativity set that Reagan gave me one Christmas is my favorite Christmas gift. It is so pretty and it was a total surprise.

Favorite Christmas Meal
My Mamaw Sistrunk (the one whose house we'd visit every Christmas day) always had a ton of food at her house for Christmas. She had a big dining room where all the food was set up and all the adults got to sit in there while we ate. (The kids had to sit in the kitchen. I remember the chairs had bright yellow cushions on them.) Every year, she would always make sure she had canned peaches, chilled, in a white Pyrex bowl, just for me. She knew I loved canned peaches. She also made sure to have plenty Brown 'n Serve rolls. I could eat my weight in those. I think I may have done just that on a few occasions. And she made chicken 'n dumplings from scratch. I loved watching her make them and we all loved eating them. She also always had coconut cake. That wasn't for me, cause I don't like coconut cake. But I do remember she always had it.

Favorite Christmas Cookie
I'm not much on Christmas cookies. I do like sugar cookies, but my favorite Christmas candy is my mother's divinity. I don't like any other divinity. There's something about hers. It's light and fluffy. And I don't like nuts, so she doesn't put any nuts in it, like most divinity has.

Favorite Memory
I don't know if I have one in particular. My favorite memories of Christmas, again, were at my Mamaw's house. My Daddy had 7 sisters and and one brother and they were CRAZY. (Except for you, Aunt Sue.) There was Oinee Dee, Wilma Zell, Gin Nell, Tommy Faye, Ruby, Sue, and Betty Anne. (I think I got all those right.) And then, there was my Uncle Hubert and my Daddy.

Anyway, when they would all get together, they would sit around and talk about their younger days "up home." (That's code for Neshoba County, Mississippi.) They would talk about some of the crazy things they would do when they were younger and they would imitate people from their family. (I think I have a great Aunt Cootie somewhere that they mimicked a lot. Who names their child "Cootie"? She's probably in heaven with Jesus right now, bless her heart.) But I remember how happy they all were to be together and how much fun they had sitting and remembering those things and those people.  

Favorite Christmas Movie
"A Christmas Story" is by FAR my favorite. During the Christmas season, if I'm flipping channels and I see it on, I stop and watch it until it's over. It doesn't matter where in the movie I pick up, I still watch. Poor little Ralphie.

What about you? Share a few of your Christmas favorites and leave me a comment so I can read about them.

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Anonymous said...

The coconut cake was for me. I enjoyed reading all your favorites, you have a better memory than me. Too bad mammaw's not still around to make more memories. I guess that was probably the best time of our lives. My how time flies and lives change. But I'm also glad we have families of our own to make memories with now. I love you and am blessed to not only have you as my sister but my friend. Sorry for being so mean when we were younger, and sometimes even now.