Dec 25, 2008

A Girl and Her Bath

Our sweet girl has always loved a bath. But she's finally big enough to really enjoy playing during bath time. Santa brought her several new bath toys. Tonight during her bath, she got to try out a few things.

First, Daddy hooked up the bubble machine. She liked the bubbles, but was way more impressed with the cups that she can fill with water, or chew, as she chose to do. Oh, and I can't believe I've forgotten to post this before now - she got her first tooth this past week. I felt it this past weekend, but now we can see it. And let me just say, it was not fun cutting this tooth - for her or us. I hope it's not the same with every tooth that comes through.

Anyway, here's Sugar enjoying her bath tonight before bedtime.

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~the mccrarys~ said...

i love the bath pics! what a cutie!

Carpenter Family said...

That looks like a very fun bath time. We are going to have to look into one of those bubble blowers.

Suburban Housewife...Not so much said...

She's getting so big, and so adorable! And yes, cutting teeth never get better, there may be one tooth that comes in easier than another, but then you get to the molers and those are GREAT!!! :o) Never the less, it will be over before you know it.