Dec 6, 2008

Go Shawty... It's Ya Burfday!

We went to a Super Hero Birthday Party this morning. We were greeted when we got there by Batman.

But then Batman left and all we saw was Jeremiah. He was so sweet to Sara Madalin. He gave her some sweet sugar.

He got several birthday presents from his cousins.

Sara Madalin sat on the floor in her Bumbo to watch Jeremiah open his presents. After he was done, she stayed down there for a few minutes. Uncle Marcus got down and talked with her. 

Welton didn't like that much.

He only wanted his Daddy to talk to him.

We had the best birthday cake ever. And everyone had a blue mouth once it was over.

Sara Madalin sat with Aunt Erica for a few minutes and played with the ball. It was just a little too big to get in her mouth. 

She spent a little time on the floor trying to do a few repairs for Aunt Julie and Uncle Terry.

Once she was done with that, all the cousins sat for a picture for me.

In the front are Jeremiah and Elijah, who along with Sara Madalin only wants his two front teeth for Christmas. On the couch was Welton, Jacob, Sara Madalin and KayLynn. And the reason some of them are looking up away from the camera is because there was about four adults behind me shaking rattles, making noises and trying whatever they could to get everyone to smile.

We had a good time at the party. Brandi (my sister) prayed the sweetest prayer about how thankful she was for family and healthy children and the opportunity we have to celebrate together. I am so glad that Sara Madalin gets to be a part of these celebrations now.

After we left there, we went and visited my Daddy for a little while. He fed her a bottle and she laughed and talked to him a little. Now we're home for about an hour before heading out for our next adventure. We have a very busy weekend. And at some point I've got to write two papers, study for a test and make out three final exams. But hey, I don't think I have anything planned tonight from 11:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m.

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Beth said...

Cute pic's! Are there any of Daddy? Good luck with the papers and exams. I've been trying to study on my nights at the hospital with Catlin's mom. NOT EASY! 1 regular test and 1 final then I'm done.

Regina and David said...

Glad the party was fun. She looked cute today. I love all her bows!