Dec 5, 2008

Jingle All the Way

If Rudolph is busy Christmas Eve, she's the back up plan.

She was so funny. The horns have little bells on them, so when she moved her head, they jingled. She kept turning trying to find out where that sound was coming from, not realizing it was coming from the thing on her head. Eventually she figured out how to pull it off and then I had to take it away from her. Why? Because it went straight to her mouth. I'm hoping I can catch some video of her with this on sometime. But for now, isn't the picture just the cutest thing?
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Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

That is soooo funny! What a cutie pie!

Regina and David said...

It sure is! How sweet. Did you tell her that mommie hears noises too and don't know where they come from but only when she takes an ambien!!! HAHA

K Storm said...

She is so cute!!

Oh, tag...see my blog.