Dec 13, 2008

John Deere Green

We went to another birthday party today. This one was for Sara Madalin's friend, Charlie. It was his first birthday and the theme was John Deere. (They live out in the country.) This was his cake and this is his daddy, Michael.

Sara Madalin was way more interested in the balloons than the party.

We got to meet some very special people while we were there, Mrs. Libby and Mr. Sammy. They are Charlie's grandparents. Their daughter, Jennifer, is Wayne and Susie's daughter-in-law. Mr. Sammy is Sara Madalin's birthmother's (Sayra) cousin. When he found out that Sayra was pregnant and was interested in adoption, he had Libby call Susie to get in touch with us. (Got all that? :-)) You could say, they had a big part in us finding Sara Madalin. Today was the first day they got to see Sara Madalin and we had an opportunity to tell them how appreciative we are for them and all they did to make it possible for us to adopt her. They went on and on about how pretty and good she is.

Hayes and Trey were at the party. I don't have a picture of Trey, but Hayes was very busy gathering all the balloons. Shannon said that he can't have a good time at a party until he has gathered all the balloons and is carrying them around.  She said he's obsessive with it.

Do you have any idea how loud it is when you have a house full of children, all under 5 years old? LOUD!!!! Add sugar to the mix, and it is VERY LOUD!!!

Here's Sara Madalin and me with her "friend" Cash and his La-La. La-La is Shellie's mother. Cash had on his cowboy hat and although we didn't capture it in this photo, Sara Madalin was very into that hat. If I'd let her get much closer, he wouldn't have left there with it.

While all the other children had cake and ice cream, Sara Madalin had her DELICIOUS new soy milk. Actually, I don't have a clue what it tastes like. Evidently, it's pretty much like regular milk because she sucked it down like it was the best thing she's ever had. (In her last bottle tonight she drank 10 oz. Usually, her last bottle of the night is 6 oz. Must be some good stuff.)

Cash and Sara Madlain again. Somehow, they always end up next to each other. Susie told Reagan he needed to go ahead and get his stick ready. It wouldn't be long before she (Sara Madalin) is asking to go out to the country to ride 4-wheelers with Charlie or Cash. I had a little talk with her about that though. But that's another post, for another day, a long , long time from now. 

While Charlie was opening gifts - well, while his parents were opening his gifts for him - all the other kids were running around and trying to get in his gifts and everything. Which is natural for children that age. Sara Madalin sat and watched every gift that was opened. 

She showed just a little too much interest in one gift in particular. I told her that was a boy toy and she didn't need to look at it too closely.

Here's the birthday boy after gifts and lots and lots of sugar.

There was a John Deere tractor in the front yard for the party. I asked our friend Eddie to take a picture of us in the tractor. He said, "Do you mean, on the tractor?" Whatever. 

There was also a little toy tractor in the front yard. I sat Sara Madalin on it for a photo. I don't think she was that interested in it. But she does look cute "on" it.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Do you know how much my little boy would have enjoyed this party? He would have thought he was in HEAVEN! What fun. I'm tucking this idea away for the 3rd party!

~the mccrarys~ said...

her outfit is precious & i love her pic on the john deer! have you seen the zebra collection at gymboree? it's the baby girl section. i think you'd like it!