Dec 23, 2008

Merry Christmas, Baby

Sara Madalin and I were playing this afternoon when there was a knock at the door. I went out and looked around and there was a box. Upon further inspection, I saw that the box was for Miss Sara Madalin.

I placed it on the floor and let her look at it. She wasn't quite sure what to do. Normally, when she gets her hands on something like this, I tell her "No" and take it from her.

The box was COVERED with shiny, glittery stickers. It didn't take her long to remove one or ten.

She moved the box around and checked it out really good.

Then Daddy came home and we asked him to help us open it.

Inside there was a soft, stuffed reindeer, a card and a Santa Key. While Sara Madalin tried to open the card, we looked at the key.

The key was for Santa. It had a note that said:
Worried that you're chimney-less or that your roof's too steep? That Santa can't get in your place while you are fast asleep? Well here's a fun solution - Santa's special light-up key, to open your door and shine the way right to your tree.

Finally, Sara Madalin got the card open and we found out who had sent the sweet gift.

Thank you Ms. Shannon and Sarah Claire. It was so sweet and thoughtful of you to think of our baby girl during her first Christmas. She loved everything.

While I'm making this "thank you" post, I have a few other things I'd like to add. I've been meaning to address this for some time. I want to tell all the sweet people who read about Sara Madalin every day, thank you. It means so much to us when you tell us how much you enjoy reading about her. She is very special to us. She is such an answered prayer. But to know that so many other people care about her and want to know what she's up to every day, it is very touching. I have had people who don't know us, who have found us on the Internet and started reading our blog. We have just as many, or more, who know us and have read about her since we brought her home. Several have told me they can't believe how often we post. They ask how I have the time. They comment on how much it will mean to Sara Madalin when she's older to have these memories. Yes, I try to post at least once a day. Yes, it does take a little time. But I make the time because this is Sara Madalin's Baby Book. I want her to have memories when she's old enough to see and read all this. I want her to see how special she is to us and how every little thing she did is a miracle and an answered prayer in our eyes. Some who read may think I go a little overboard. Oh well. For everyone who thinks that, I've had another person who has told me that they enjoy reading our blog and that they think of Sara Madalin as their grandchild, or niece, or their answered prayer. And so, all that to say, thank you to Sara Madalin's faithful readers. Thank you for loving her. Thank you for your encouragement this year. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for loving and praying for our sweet girl. Please continue to read about her. More importantly, please continue to pray for her. And while you're at it, ask for a little brother or sister for her. ;-)
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K Storm said...

Enjoy that sweet girl! Yes, I'll pray for her brother or sister too.

Merry Christmas!