Dec 23, 2008

Mommy Will Always Win

My friend, Stacey, and I loaded up our sweet children this morning and went to Canton to the Christmas museums.  We took our Student Minister's daughter, Tori, with us as well. 

When we first got there, we saw Mrs. Elaine. She and I had worked together a good bit last Christmas. Sara Madalin gave her a little love while Stacey and I bought our tickets.

Then the girls wanted their picture made with Sara Madalin.

And Mrs. Elaine took a group picture of us.

Then ya'll, Mrs. Betty came in.  (If you don't know about Mrs. Betty, click here.) And she did not disappoint. 

She asked that we excuse her head scarf. She said that she was a little cold this morning and it was soft and warm and kept her head warm. Oh, and she knit it herself.

While we were in her museum, Aunt Jana came in. Mrs. Betty informed me that she had been giving Jana pointers on how to catch her a husband. I won't share Mrs. Betty's advice because I try to keep things G-Rated around here. 

After we toured the museums, we decided we'd ride the little fire truck around square. Well, it's a little chilly and windy her in central MS today, so I wrapped Sara Madalin in her blanket and put her hat on. In case I have failed to mention this before, she doesn't like to wear her hat. So, she tried to take it off.

I put it back on, and she took it off again. (Yes, her strong will is beginning to show more and more.)

I put it back on again.

She tried to take it off again.

I then had to hold it on for the rest of the ride. I told her, she and I are going to get in a number of arguments and fights over the course of her life. But there is one thing she needs to learn to accept right now. Mommy will always win.

I finally put her hands and arms under the blanket and held her tight for the rest of the ride. Look at her. She's so mad she's spitting.

After we left Canton, we all went to eat and then back to our house. She loves Stacey's son, Ryan. The whole train ride she fought with me over a hat to keep her head warm. We got to our house and he put his cap on her and she never complained.

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Daniel & Denise said...

I just love reading about Sara Madalin!! Watching her grow has been so fun! Our little girl will be here in 6 weeks and I am hoping that she will be such a girly girl too!!

The Glenn Gang said...

FUN TIMES! I wanted to go there this year but never made it. Oh well...maybe next year!

Carpenter Family said...

That is absolutely the MOST colorful toy I ahve ever seen. It looks fun to ME!

~the mccrarys~ said...

my little rylie has her same white hat & also in black! i love it!