Dec 16, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We escorted Sara Madalin to another event on her social calendar tonight. We went to the annual Christmas party for the employees where Reagan works. We were invited to attend, but everyone REALLY wanted to see Sara Madalin.

She wore her Santa dress and hat. She was very excited about going to another party.

The party was held at Porches in Wesson. I've blogged about Porches before and how much I love to eat there. The house was decorated so beautifully. Sara Madalin wanted to touch everything we passed.

We greeted everyone in the foyer as they arrived. When Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Kandi arrived, Sara Madalin went right to them.

I think she and their little girl, Allison, really hit it off.

Mr. Johnny and his number one guy, Reagan.

I took photos of every table, so I'll just post them. There are way too many names to list everyone.

Anna and Sara Madalin started looking at the baby. Then she got distracted by the pretty glittery bow. What can I say? She is my daughter and, like her mother, she likes sparkly things.

Amy and Sara Madalin. Don't be fooled by the bib. She is not ALWAYS on the good list. She has been so mischievous lately that she is quickly moving closer to the BAD list. Sara Madalin, not Amy.

B.B. put the mo-jo on her. Look at those eyes. She can barely keep them open.

Anna took this photo. We kind of look like sisters. The hair. The nose. The chin. The beautiful smiles. Yeah, we've both posed for a few pics in our day.

Thank you Mrs. Celia and everyone at Porches for a wonderful meal in a beautiful setting. We loved it.

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