Dec 5, 2008

My Dog, Taco

It's not quite the same relationship as Willie and Skip, but this little girl does love her doggie.

Taco, on the other hand, is still a little afraid of Sara Madalin. But if someone poked your eyes and pulled your ears every time you were near them, you'd be a little frightened too. Hopefully, Sara Madalin will learn to be a little more gentle.
We've been trying everything to get her to crawl and haven't been successful. Last night we put her on the floor with Taco, and she tried everything she could to follow Taco around. She twisted and turned and rolled. Maybe Taco will be her motivation to finally get moving.

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Regina and David said...

How exciting that she's about to start crawling! You think she's independent now, just wait until she get to moving. :) Oh boy!