Dec 30, 2008

Oh, It Won't Be Long Now

I have two new videos. 

The first is of her learning to move to a sitting position. When I went in to give her a bottle last night, she was sitting up in her bed. So, I recorded her doing it this afternoon. It made me cry watching her. I was so proud of my baby girl. She had done it a couple times and every time she did, I would clap and cheer. Well, when I was videoing her I couldn't clap because I was holding the camera. But she expected a clap and a cheer. That's why she looked at me when she was done.

The second video was taken after Reagan got home. We are so cruel. We'd move the cup just to watch her move toward it. It won't be long now before she's moving all over the place.  She is growing too fast.

Oh, and the sock... she will not keep them on. She pulls them off every time she gets her hands on them. I'm supposed to choose my battles, right?

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Regina and David said...

How funny. She is doing really good! It won't be long.

Carpenter Family said...

She is really getting around pretty well.

~the mccrarys~ said...

those videos are sooo precious! gives me baby fever! lol she's so cute!