Dec 26, 2008

Pass the Pledge

We are in the process of baby-proofing the house. We've bought outlet covers, cabinet locks, toilet seat locks, the works. But, judging by the coffee table, I've neglected one area of the house. And of course, that would be the area that my ever-growing, ever-curious daughter is most attracted to. I caught her hiding under the coffee table this evening. I'm so embarrassed. But not so much that I didn't snap a few pictures of her looking absolutely adorable.

It has now been cleaned. THOROUGHLY. 

Notice what she has in her mouth. This past week or so she has been obsessed with her socks. She keeps putting her feet, socks and all, in her mouth until finally she just pulls the sock off in her mouth. Then she sucks on it until it is soaked. We went out to eat tonight and she went through 3 pairs of socks. Every time I would put a dry pair on her, she'd stick it in her mouth. We're hoping she grows out of it soon.
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Carpenter Family said...

I think that she simply loves a good photo opportunity. She is always ready with a smile and good eye contact. She is a natural infront on the camera.