Dec 7, 2008

Practice Makes, Well... Fun???

This year Reagan and I agreed to be part of the Children's Christmas Program. I've been attending Wednesday night practices with them. Wednesday and Saturday of this past week, we practiced in the sanctuary with some of our props. Here are a few photos from practices.

First, Mrs. Peggy and Reagan try to work out the logistics of where all the microphones will be placed.

These kids are so shy when there's a camera around. I wish they would loosen up a bit.

Here they are practicing the opening song, "Stop, Look, and Listen."

"Mrs. Malinda, Anthony's looking at me."

Sara Madalin's favorite song - "Be Glad." She likes the part where we say, "Be glad. Be glad. Rejoice the Lord has come. The Father sent His Son." Peyton is supposed to look grouchy. That's why he's sitting and scowling. They are singing to tell him to Be Glad.

I probably shouldn't, but I have a couple favorites. These two girls are precious. Tori (left) and Anna (right). I've loved Anna since she was born. She is the most precious, sweet, mature, smart little girl. I can't wait to see the woman of God she becomes.

Tori decided to really let loose and do it "American Idol" style. Look at the emotion in that little face.

This is where they learn the true meaning of Christmas. It's not about what you have - the latest game or toy. It's about God's Son, the Messiah. Once you have Him in your heart, you have Christmas.

And, in addition to my documentary duties, I'm still Mommy. When Sara Madalin is ready for her bottle, she doesn't care if we're practicing or how many more photos I think I need to take. Notice how she's sitting. She likes to turn around so she can still see what all is going on, even though she wants to eat too. 

After practice, Malcolm asked Reagan if he could give him a ride home on the church bus. Reagan, of course, said, "Sure."

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Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

You're right...Definitely FUN!! Your guy made me laugh as the bus driver...Would he know who Ralph Kramden is??