Dec 22, 2008


After we got Sara Madalin dressed Sunday for church, I tried to take a few pictures of her in this beautiful Nativity smocked dress. Well, someone didn't want to cooperate. Every time she would smile, she would also stick her hand up in front of her face. I guess she's practicing her wave.

This pose shows her personality to a T. She is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen. And she is FULL of spunky personality.

After church, we had our annual Christmas dinner. She got to sit in a high chair for the first time during a meal at church. She LOVED it. She was at the end of the table and could see everyone that passed by. She made sure they all noticed her and said hello. 

I could not get her to eat. She was more interested in tearing the paper up that is used to cover the tables. If she wasn't trying to tear it, she was trying to chew it.

We love this little girl more than any words could ever say. She is so much fun. I wish I had two or three more just like her.

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Carpenter Family said...

When Kaylie was about her age she was the best and happiest baby also. She is the reason we wanted more children. She made it so easy. The first several weeks after we brought Larsen home I begged Kelly to agree to have another baby. I was on such a high. I understand what you mean when you say you wish you had more just like her. I pray that is a wish come true for you.