Dec 12, 2008

Such a Big Girl

Our little girl is getting so big. When we went out to eat tonight, she got to sit in a high chair for the first time. At first she didn't quite understand what she was supposed to do there.

Then she discovered her little placemat and she was very interested in that.

She got comfortable sitting there really quick. I was so proud of her. She sat and played the whole time we ate. She adjusts to things so well. We are so blessed to be parents of this little girl.

She did keep throwing her toys down. But she's still learning how to hold on to things. So, it wasn't like she was picking up a toy and throwing it down just to see if we'd pick it up. Or was she?

Just as we were finishing up our meal, I looked up and saw my old roommate, Emma. She and I lived together for two years. We worked together for several years as well. This was her first time to see Sara Madalin. She and her husband have a little girl, Ashton, who is 7 years old. It was good to see her.

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