Dec 20, 2008

Sweets from Sugar

This morning, Sara Madalin and Daddy got up to make some peanut brittle for some sweet people in our lives. This afternoon, we went out to help her deliver them. 

Our first stop was at Uncle Chet's house. She was a little distracted at first by his pet bird. After she talked to the bird for a while, she got around to given Uncle Chet his tin of candy.

She looked at me just to be sure I was there with the camera. Like I would miss a photo op.

Ms. Lynn was there. She played with Sara Madalin while we were there. Sara Madalin loves Ms. Lynn.

After we left Uncle Chet, we went to Uncle Charlie and Aunt Bobbye's. She loves Aunt Bobbye. Aunt Bobbye is one of the sweet ladies who prayed for us for years. She is also one of the few people who knew about Sara Madalin before she was born. She prayed for her during Sayra's pregnancy. We love Uncle Charlie and Aunt Bobbye.

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