Jan 3, 2009

An Afternoon at Mamaw & Papaw's

We went to Lincoln county this afternoon to spend some time with Reagan's family. Sara Madalin hasn't seen her Mamaw and Papaw in several weeks.

She spent a little time with Aunt Susan, playing with a red cup - her favorite toy these past few days.

We opened gifts since we haven't had a chance to get together to exchange them yet. Sara Madalin got several fun things including stacking rings and bath toys.

Papaw helped her open her last gift. 

It was a baby doll. There was also a little bottle with it. She thought it was a bottle for her. Papaw thought it was funny to trick her into thinking it was her bottle and trying to get her to drink it.

She kissed on that baby doll all night.

She had a good time loving on everyone, especially Mitch and her Uncle David.

Mamaw got a soft pink robe from Susan and David. Sara Madalin made her way over to it as soon as she got a chance.

We had a good time. They were all excited to see Sara Madalin and see how much she has grown. She kept them all entertained all afternoon.

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Regina and David said...

Glad it was a fun visit with the family. Sara Madalin looks like she had a good time.